Resilient Minds Training Programs
Resiliency Training Program

The Resiliency Training Program is a life-changing program that is based upon the basic concepts of positive psychology. The Resilient Minds Training Program is a three-day interactive training program which provides attendees with a roadmap to change the culture within their organization surrounding behavioral health issues. The curriculum focuses on the impact of operational and organizational stress, the effect of trauma and life experience on employee attitudes, holistic employee health strategies, and enhancing interpersonal and community relationships.

Chaplain Training Program

The Chaplain Program provides promotion, training, consultation and encouragement to chaplains, law enforcement agencies and the first responder community. The Chaplain Program Academy offers two days of basic training and other advanced courses and certificates, including the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation certified training courses. The Chaplain Program creates a partnership with various faith-based leaders of a community to respond and assist first responders, providing an overall better quality of life to the citizens of cities and communities.

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