Chaplains Training Programs
Training for law enforcement and first responder chaplains.

The Chaplain Program provides promotion, training, consultation and encouragement to chaplains, law enforcement agencies and the first responder community. The Chaplain Program Academy offers two days of basic training and other advanced courses and certificates, including the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation certified training courses. The goal is that by having the police and clergy working together during times of crisis or incidents, that a more comprehensive response will be given to those in need. The faith-based leaders will perform tasks of a more emotional, social or spiritual nature while the officers handle those tasks that are of a law enforcement nature.

Basic Chaplain Program
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement and First Responder Chaplaincy
  • Domestic Violence
  • First Responder Family
  • Managing Stress and Critical Incidents
  • Officer Injury, Death and Ceremonies
  • Ethics and Confidentiality
  • Starting a Chaplain Program
  • Unity in the Midst of Diversity
  • Death Notification
  • Suicide Awareness
CISM Training for Chaplains
  • A crisis intervention course taught by an approved ICISF instructor.
Resiliency Training for Chaplains
  • Three Day Course
  • Resilient Lines On The Front Lines resiliency training specifically created for chaplains
Advanced Course for Chaplaincy
  • One Day Course
  • Applicants are required to take the basic chaplain program before taking this course
"Train the Trainer"
  • Program for Resilient Lines On The Front Lines Chaplain Trainers
  • Two day course
  • To attend you must attend the basic chaplains program course
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